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As well as sourcing the best and most trustworthy services local to us for our guests we have also arranged preferential pricing for our guests at our recommended local business’.

Botox Treatment In Rhodes

Botox Treatment In Rhodes

Life experience is something wonderful – but not when it shows in our face. Fortunately, there is a simple and fast method to reduce the signs of time: A Botox treatment can make you radiate in a new youthfulness. In my exclusive private practice on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes, you have the opportunity to do something for your beauty while being on vacation.

You benefit from an enormous price advantage: All treatments are around 30 to 40 percent cheaper than in central Europe. We only use high quality Botox from the world market leader Allergan for treatment. I am able to offer you these particularly attractive prices, among other things through lower auxiliary costs in Greece, while guaranteeing a first-class expertise and – first and foremost – without compromising on safety and quality.

Enjoy a new youthfulness and be advised by e-mail or phone.

Dr. med. Vassilios Papageorgiou: German specialist for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery: “I have completed my medical training in Germany – so my expertise in the area of ​​aesthetic surgery is first class. In addition, communication is very convenient for my German and English speaking patients: We can provide you with a detailed consultation before your Botox treatment. Since 2016, I offer Botox treatments and other plastic surgery treatments in my practice in the city center of Rhodes. Enjoy the beauty of the island, the Greek sun and your newly-won feeling of youth – my team and I look forward to your visit.

Also take a look at our other offers, such as hyaluronic acid for the treatment of nasolabial folds as well as for lip contouring and cryolipolysis for non-invasive fat reduction. These therapies can be well combined with your holiday in Rhodes.

The treatment options of Botox

If you want smoother skin, a Botox treatment is recommended. It enables the smoothing of horizontal forehead wrinkles, thinker folds and crowfeet. If you suffer under increased sweating especially in the area of ​​the armpits, a so-called Hyperhidrosis, we can also provide relief with Botox injections.

What is the cost of a Botox treatment on Rhodes?

For the best results, we only use products from the leading supplier Allergan for Botox treatment. With us, you benefit from highest quality and at the same time from enormous cost savings (in comparison to a similar treatment in Europe).

The consultation is free for you.

How much time is needed for a Botox treatment?

A Botox treatment lasts only 10 to 30 minutes. Afterwards, you can then enjoy your holiday to the fullest. The only restriction for your post-treatment care is to refrain from facial massages or sport for 24 hours. In the meanwhile, you can nevertheless relax and enjoy the beauty of the island!

Make an appointment now and find out everything you need to know about our Botox treatment offers. We are able to accommodate even last-minute appointments; our services are available to you at whatever the time.

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Car Hire On Rhodes

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