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Van Gogh

one double & two single bedrooms

for up to 4 people

Following the standards of a genius of art, we too identified the absolute beauty in to simplicity. Here you can find a modern version of Van Gogh’s Room in Arl”, as it isone of the single bedrooms of this apartment, whilst the double bedroom with its grandeur and aristocratic atmosphere welcomes you as you enter. Featuring one more single bed at the space where the fully equipped kitchenette is, this apartment can conveniently accommodate up to four people and offer the perfect holiday background.

Situated at the first floor, is waiting for you to fill it with your laughs and moments, while it will accompany you on those lazy Greek afternoons. Or wake you up with a bird song. 

Vincent Willem van Gogh (1853 – 1890), was a Dutch post-Impressionist painter whose work had a far-reaching influence on 20th century art for its vivid colors and emotional impact. Little appreciated during his lifetime, his fame grew in the years after his death. Today, he is widely regarded as one of history’s greatest painters and an important contributor to the foundations of modern art.
The theory behind his style stresses the value of complementary colors including blue and orange—which form vibrant contrasts and enhance each other when juxtaposed

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This apartment, at a glance:

  • kitchenette
  • complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access
  • daily housekeeping
  • air-conditioning
  • plasma TV
  • premium Coco-Mat bedding
  • designer toiletries & slippers