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Corto Maltese

two bedroom traditional house

for up to 4 people

Located right opposite Casa Antica and dedicated to the 9th art which is comic strips, Corto Maltese, the fictional hero of the “Ballad of the Salt Sea”, is inviting you to travel with him through the paths of history, travels and adventure.  It is a traditional Rhodian house in three levels that gives a boat feeling and for that reason we named it after Hugo Pratt’s famous sailor character, a traveler and a real literary myth of the twentieth century.

The house’s kitchen and dining room are located on the ground floor.  A spiral staircase leads to a beautiful double room on the first level with a beautiful window. There, is also a small but convenient bathroom with shower.

The staircase continues to the second and last level where you can find two more single beds, one of which opens and becomes one more extra bed.

The upper level also features a balcony overlooking the pedestrian alley.

Corto Maltese can easily accommodate 5 pax as it is quite spacious with its two separate bedrooms plus the common area downstairs.

Corto Maltese was created by Italian comic book creator Hugo Pratt in 1967. He is an iconic sea captain adventuring during the early 20th century (1900-1920s). The Corto Maltese series has been translated into numerous languages
But let’s allow him to speak for himself:

My name is Corto, Corto Maltese.
I was born in Malta, July 10, 1887, so they tell me.
From my early childhood I remember a flag full of crosses and a red beard, my father. My mother? A gypsy from Seville. She was so beautiful that the painter Ingres fell in love with her madly; I do not know if it’s true, she never spoke of these things. She was also known as “La Niña de Gibraltar”.
I remember a beautiful house with a patio full of flowers and I well remember the day when a friend of my mother took my left hand and looked at it in horror, I had the bad fortune line. I did not think much of it when my father took a razor and traced a single line, long and deep. I am not sure if it increased my dose of luck, but I was always free and that is enough.

I’m not a hero; I like to travel and do not like the rules, but only one respect, to never betray friends.
I tried many treasures without ever finding one, but always continue, you can count on, a little ‘more there…

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This apartment, at a glance:

  • fully equipped kitchen and dining room with mini oven and stove, kettle and cafetière, big fridge, 4 seats round dining table
  • complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access
  • weekly housekeeping
  • air-conditioning
  • plasma TV
  • premium Coco-Mat linen and towels
  • designer toiletries & slippers
  • stocked cleaning products, fresh towels, and other useful stuff